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We're starting up the Tuesday Hideout ride this week and are looking to grow our core group of 6 - 10 riders each week. If you're looking for a fast, safe mid-week training ride we've got the pony's you seek up front. If you are comfortable with 30 - 40 miles and are looking to build fitness; Bob and Eric will be our sweepers in April. I'm gonna ride my cross bike and hope to get the B team up to speed slowly. Figure we'll start out averaging 15 - 18 MPH and as soon as the crew is dropping me I'll switch over to my road bike. If that pace is too slow, get up front with Steve, Joe, Rich, Darren, Sid and others and duke it out from Bahai temple to tower. You'll be over 25MPH the whole time and can then do Tower Beach hill repeats as you wait for the B's to BE there. It's a very consistent route - Racine to Wellington to Lake Front Trail. Regroup at Ardmore. Straight through Loyola to Sheridan and turn on the gas. Sprint Bahai temple to Tower. Early arrivals drop into the Lake for hill repeats. Regroup at Tower then west to Green Bay to Dodge / California to Lincoln to Damen and we're back in front of a beer by 8:45PM. Waiting for the tamale guy. HIDEOUT LOCATION:
Do you really think they would name it Hideout if they wanted to make it easy for you to find? Google it.

When?April - Rocktober


Lights, helmets, smart phone, tubes & tools required. Soft pedal Lake Front Trail and be courteous to other trail users. 90% of the riders are on high end road bikes. I've hung just fine on the back with my Fixie: if you are going to do same please hang out in back also till the crew can get comfortable with your ability to control speed, hold a wheel, hold a line, corner, etc. etc.

Legal nonsense CYA: Ride safe, ride fast, ride clean and of course ride at your own risk..


Our mission is to grow cycling from recreation to transportation. This evening will be devoted entirely to recreation.